Capital Project Planning / Programming

Our approach to programming combines the strategic context with the market and financial realities. We also bring the architectural component to assure that the contemplated programs are consistent with the overall land use priorities such as density, quantity of green areas and parking. Our process utilizes both qualitative (programming interviews, focus groups) and quantitative tools (surveys, comparative analysis) in the context of financial feasibility parameters. We specialize in a variety of building types including housing, recreation facilities, and student unions among others.

Project Feasibility / Market Analysis

We utilize customized process to each project. At our disposal, we have a variety of tools including quantitative surveys, focus groups, competitive analysis, demand projects, target market demographic reviews, etc. However, we always adjust the scope of work based on the specific needs of each project to deliver solutions in a time- and cost-efficient manner. We often combine market analysis with financial planning to assure that projects meet all feasibility criteria.

Financial Analysis (Capital and Operational Planning)

Our financial planning is rooted in the belief that feasibility of a capital projects depends on the balance of three critical components:

  • Project quantity expressed in the overall project size
  • Project quality described as the construction budget allocation
  • Key operating and financial parameters captured in the operating pro forma

Our financial analysis starts with the selection of the appropriate asset ownership and financing structure and, then, focuses on balancing the project program, desired construction quality and appropriate operating budget allocations. We prepare operating revenue and cost projections, coordinate budgets with A/E consultants, underwriters, and clients’ financial officers,  reviews financial statements, and generate cash flow projections. In many cases, we  conducts value-for-many analysis to compare various project ownership and financing structures.

Master Planning

We develop facility master plans for specific asset types such student housing or recreation facilities or participate in broader campus master planning efforts and provide expertise related to auxiliary facilities. Our master plans address the strategic, market, and financial realities of the projects.

Strategic Planning & Analysis

We help our clients define projects goals in the context of the overall institutional objectives. We utilize a simple qualitative process to establish priorities guiding key project decision and assuring optimal utilization of resources in response to the desired outcomes.

Alternative Project Delivery Advisory

We specialize in capital project risk evaluations. As part of our services, we  advise our clients on viability of project risk transfer via alternative delivery methods including design-build and public-private partnerships (P3’s). Once the risk transfer opportunity is defined, we prepare appropriate procurement documents including RFQ’s, RFP’s, and bridging packages and manage the developer / design-builder selection process. Our competitive selection process combines the efficiency of alternative deliveries with appropriate client interaction to maximize the program and quality within pre-defined budgetary constraints.

P3 (Public-Private Partnership) Advisory

Within the broad range of alternative project delivery and financing methods, many of current capital projects utilize public-private partnerships (P3’s) to achieve certain strategic objectives. Our process focuses on finding the right P3 model for each project including appropriate ownership structure and financing models (taxable and tax-exempt transactions). We assist in the developer selection process through market sounding, and the RFQ/RFP stages. During the process, we coordinate efforts with the legal counsels, financial advisors, and other key stakeholders to maximize the long-term benefit of the asset. We participate in negotiating business terms and development agreements and, where needed, provide project oversight on behalf of our client.