Many non-profit organizations deal with very diverse issues related to their real estate portfolios. These problems range from developing architectural programs for new facilities to determining the best delivery methods and financial / ownership structures for new or existing assets.

In the complex real estate environment, we utilize a rigorous process to define issues, identify appropriate analytical tools, and  find the right solutions. To optimize the outcomes, we rely on our industry experience assuring that the recommended solutions are deeply rooted in each project’s specific environment, history, and strategic context.

In addition, we believe that our clients’ resources are extremely valuable and, therefore, we offer time- and cost-efficient services that are highly-customized to each client’s specific needs. We also realize that we don’t know everything that may be needed to produce the best outcomes. As team players with the ultimate goal of providing the best advice, we are always open to collaboration with our vast network of other industry experts.

Finally, we believe in simplicity. That philosophy applies to how we identify our clients’ problems, the techniques and methodologies we employ, and even the day-to-day interactions. We truly believe that project stakeholders should be able to clearly understand their specific problems, the rationale behind the planning / analytical process, and recommended solutions. Our job is to turn the complex into simple.

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